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Protect your business and customers in this cyber world with AsiaNet

Today’s digital workplace becomes a new form of work environment nowadays. This digital move may be great for productivity and employees. However, with remote network access, cloud applications, endpoints, and mobile devices can be the risk of cyber criminals and hackers. To address all these threats, AsiaNet cooperates with some well-known IT partners and vendors to identify and eliminate the risks and challenges of your business by providing reliable cybersecuity solutions.

SSL Inspection

SSL Inspection HK丨AsiaNet

Generating cyber-attacks through SSL encrypted communication.

While SSL encrypted traffic is on the rise (over 80% is encrypted in most organizations) hackers are taking advantage of that, generating cyber-attacks through SSL encrypted communication.
The perimeter security solutions comprised from various modules such as a Firewall, DDoS protector, IPS, and web security gateway all face a costly dilemma – inspect SSL encrypted traffic and lose up to 80% of their designed capacity due to the processing of SSL encryption decryption. A centralized solution that can enable SSL inspection, offloading and acceleration of encrypted traffic has become a mandatory requirement for all organizations, and not yet another nice to have solution.