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Protect your business and customers in this cyber world with AsiaNet

Today’s digital workplace becomes a new form of work environment nowadays. This digital move may be great for productivity and employees. However, with remote network access, cloud applications, endpoints, and mobile devices can be the risk of cyber criminals and hackers. To address all these threats, AsiaNet cooperates with some well-known IT partners and vendors to identify and eliminate the risks and challenges of your business by providing reliable cybersecuity solutions.

DDoS Protection丨HK Cyber Security | AsiaNet

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks have become a commodity. Thanks to the availability of DDoS-as-a-Service tools on the Darknet, the increased vulnerability of IoT devices and the resulting rise of botnets, and financially-motivated hackers launching ransomware campaigns, DDoS assaults have never been as common, powerful or profitable. DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation solutions have never been more important. Difficult to defend against and potentially costly, DDoS attacks can result in website and network outages, compromised data, and lost revenue for organizations both large and small.


Web Application Firewall

Web application development is becoming increasingly complex and more rapid. DevOps is increasing the level of functionality and frequency of product releases. With application availability more important to the user experience than ever, web applications are becoming increasingly vulnerable, exposing enterprises to the risk of data breach and financial loss. A WAF helps protect web applications by inspecting HTTP traffic between internet and web server. It typically provides web applications protection for web attacks lie OWASP top 10.

  1. Full coverage of OWASP top-10 attacks
  2. Protection from Zero-Day Web Attacks
  3. Reduced TCO with Lowest False Positives

SSL Inspection

SSL Inspection丨AsiaNet

Generating cyber-attacks through SSL encrypted communication.

While SSL encrypted traffic is on the rise (over 80% is encrypted in most organizations) hackers are taking advantage of that, generating cyber-attacks through SSL encrypted communication.
The perimeter security solutions comprised from various modules such as a Firewall, DDoS protector, IPS, and web security gateway all face a costly dilemma – inspect SSL encrypted traffic and lose up to 80% of their designed capacity due to the processing of SSL encryption decryption. A centralized solution that can enable SSL inspection, offloading and acceleration of encrypted traffic has become a mandatory requirement for all organizations, and not yet another nice to have solution.

Privilege & Service Account Exposure Visibility

Gain immediate value by identifying and remediating Active Directory security hygiene issues.

Early Detection丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Real-time unauthorized AD query detection

AD Issues Visibility丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Detect AD security hygiene issues

Conditional Access丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Granularly restricts AD information access.
No impact to business operations

Risk Alert丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Substantiated alerts for key exposures at the Domain, computer, and user level

Continuous Risk Detection丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Covers on-premises and multi-cloud environments

Continuous Risk Detection丨Active Directory Security Assessment

Constant visibility into identities and service account risk

Contact Us丨AsiaNet



Altering the adversaries’ perception of the attack surface.

Deception technology gives defenders an opportunity to reduce cyber dwell time by altering the adversaries’ perception of the attack surface. Doing so slows down the attacker’s ability to move laterally undetected, changes the economics and increases the attacker’s risk, giving defenders more time understand TTPs and ultimately eradicate the threat from the environment.

Deception Technology丨AsiaNet

External Threat Intelligence

External threat intelligence product focuses on potential security threats outside of an organization, which specially circulate in dark web. To collect and identify the valuable and multilingual intelligence in a variety of dark webs with lots of false alerts, external threat intelligence product can provide a comprehensively solution for organization to comprehend the description of threats, possible impacts and recommended actions.

External Threat Intelligence丨AsiaNet
BAS Breach & Attack Simulation丨AsiaNet

Breach & Attack Simulation

Gartner defines Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) technologies as tools that “allow enterprises to continually and consistently simulate the full attack cycle (including insider threats, lateral movement and data exfiltration) against enterprise infrastructure, using software agents, virtual machines, and other means”.
BAS can automatically spot vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber defenses, akin to continuous, automated penetration testing. BAS offers more than just pen testing and red team insights, going further in recommending and prioritizing fixes to maximize security resources and minimize cyber risk.