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Silverfort is the provider of the first Unified Identity Protection Platform that consolidates security controls across corporate networks and cloud environments to block identity-based attacks.

Silverfort – Ransomware Protection

Prevent ransomware attacks and eliminate an attacker’s ability to spread through your network by enforcing MFA protection on PsExec, PowerShell, WMI, and more.

  • The Power of MFA

Block ransomware from spreading through your network using compromised credentials by placing MFA policies on PsExec, PowerShell, WMI and more.

  • Attack Surface Reduction

Isolate and remediate compromised machines to prevent a ransomware attack from propagating through your network.

  • Last Line of Defense

Layer up your security so you can contain the attack and materially limit the scope of an attack, even if the measures you already have in place to prevent ransomware delivery and execution are bypassed.