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Round-the-clock expert monitoring

CYREBRO monitors all your business systems, collects and analyzes data, and interprets suspicious events with an attacker’s mindset. Security threats are managed in real-time, and analysts deliver a full understanding of how to remediate threats.

Identify, detect, & respond to real threats in real-time

Monitoring every alert coming from your security systems and knowing exactly how to handle them is a monumental task to handle alone. You need a team you can trust, with the expertise to make sure critical threats don’t fall through the cracks.

Analysts working for you 24/7

Maintain business continuity

Rapid time to resolution

CYREBRO’s analysts become your expert team, actively monitoring your network with the AI cyber-brain, enabling quick detection and correlation of events. Analysts are not just “on-call”; they continuously monitor and investigate events at all times of the day and night.

Business continuity is at risk when relying solely on AI or machine learning to detect alerts. These systems run the chance of reacting to a threat in a way that might put your business operations at risk. Our monitoring team maintains continuous network coverage, assuring that business-critical systems stay functioning even throughout investigations.

When it comes to avoiding business-crippling threats, every second is critical. A managed SOC greatly reduces the amount of time from identification to resolution. In seconds, CYREBRO’s strategic monitoring team detects malicious activity, then provides you with clear recommendations to resolve the threat. Everything is reflected directly in the platform, so you have full visibility and access.

Instant visibility into your security posture

Strategic monitoring is achieved through a combination of proprietary detection and response algorithms, plus our teams extensive knowledge of various monitoring methodologies. We deliver best-in-class protection using our hands-on experience with numerous vector types, and correlating data across verticals, industries, locations, and more.

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