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Rapid incident detection and response

Incident response is an integral part of CYREBRO’s holistic monitoring and proactive defense. The DFIR team is on your side to quickly eradicate threats posing a significant risk to your business, and prioritize fast recovery.

Our intelligence team becomes yours

Fighting emerging cyber threats requires more than defensive actions. You need a solution that incorporates the ongoing and in-depth work of threat intelligence analysts to identify susceptibilities and neutralize threats before they penetrate systems.

Quick to react when it matters most

Harden your security posture with expert recommendations

Vigorous defense against all attack vectors

With CYREBRO connected to your IT environment, experts can spring into action instantly, initiating a fast incident response procedure based on the know-how of your network topology, investigating the incident, and providing recommendations without delays.

Our in-depth knowledge and years of incident response experience are there to support you in the face of an attack. Expert incident response, forensics, and threat intelligence teams utilize a wide range of tools to evaluate the broader context of the attack.

Sophisticated cyberattacks come in many forms. CYREBRO’s expert analysts are always ready to respond immediately, providing actionable steps to contain and prevent the incident from causing further damage.

The SOC platform that covers every step

Incident response is intrinsically connected to CYREBRO’s other capabilities, with seamless escalation between detection and response. We’ve got you covered: from investigation, to comprehension, to severity, root cause, and path determination, to elimination, all without jeopardizing your business.

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