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Nozomi Networks

Leading the Market in OT/ICS & IoT Security Innovation
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About Nozomi Networks

Only Nozomi Networks offers highly accurate, actionable intelligence and protection for integrated OT and IoT security at scale. The detailed visibility and in-depth insight we deliver allows organizations to anticipate, diagnose and respond to security and operational risks, and improve processes for maximum resilience.

Cybersecurity and Analytics for Industrial Control, OT and IoT Networks

The Nozomi Networks platform methodology revolves around the process analysis steps of Anticipate, Diagnose and Respond. Our platform provides key features to support typical administrative, security and networking tasks for each of the process steps as described below.

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Unparalleled OT and IoT visibility help you foresee potential security and reliability threats long before they impact operations.

Nozomi Networks provides visibility to all your endpoints with deep data collection that can expose vulnerabilities and highlight where to focus risk management efforts. Visualize your device connections and traffic patterns to facilitate research and compliance efforts. Anticipate security threats before they impact your operations, while reducing risk and compliance efforts.

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We go beyond OT and IoT anomaly detection to help you diagnose the root causes of unexpected process changes and deviations from baseline behavior.

Nozomi Networks goes beyond simple network anomaly detection to drill down into unexpected process changes and deviations from established baseline patterns to quickly diagnose root cause conditions and provide actionable intelligence to operators for fast remediation.


Actionable intelligence and guided remediation provide the insight you need to accelerate your response to critical OT and IoT security breaches and process control issues.

When it’s time to respond to a security breach or a process control issue, you need actionable intelligence to address the problem with the minimum cost and impact to your operations. Nozomi Networks gives you all the information and insight to remediate issues, dive into further research and guide or coordinate an appropriate response. The Nozomi platform aggregates an enormous amount of data from devices and network traffic across the organization and over time.

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Central Management Console (CMC)

Nozomi Networks Vantage™ is a SaaS solution that scales security monitoring and visibility for large multi-site enterprises, while offering the cost benefits and flexibility of a cloud-hosted solution.

Nozomi Networks Guardian™ sensors are on-premises sensors that collect and analyze your operational data. They eliminate blind spots in your operational environment with asset, data flow and network visibility for OT and IoT environments.

The Nozomi Networks Central Management Console™ (CMC) consolidates OT and IoT security and visibility across networks, making it easy to monitor and prioritize vulnerabilities and risks.

Smart Polling

Asset Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Smart Polling adds low-volume active polling to Guardian’s passive asset discovery, enhancing your asset tracking, vulnerability assessment and security monitoring.

The Asset Intelligence service delivers regular profile updates for faster and more accurate anomaly detection. It helps you focus efforts and reduce your mean-time-to-respond (MTTR).

The Threat Intelligence service delivers ongoing OT and IoT threat and vulnerability intelligence. It helps you stay on top of emerging threats and new vulnerabilities, and reduce your mean-time-to-detect (MTTD).