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Protect your business and customers in this cyber world with AsiaNet

Today’s digital workplace becomes a new form of work environment nowadays. This digital move may be great for productivity and employees. However, with remote network access, cloud applications, endpoints, and mobile devices can be the risk of cyber criminals and hackers. To address all these threats, AsiaNet cooperates with some well-known IT partners and vendors to identify and eliminate the risks and challenges of your business by providing reliable cybersecuity solutions.

DDoS Protection丨HK Cyber Security Solutions | AsiaNet

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks have become a commodity. Thanks to the availability of DDoS-as-a-Service tools on the Darknet, the increased vulnerability of IoT devices and the resulting rise of botnets, and financially-motivated hackers launching ransomware campaigns, DDoS assaults have never been as common, powerful or profitable. DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation solutions have never been more important. Difficult to defend against and potentially costly, DDoS attacks can result in website and network outages, compromised data, and lost revenue for organizations both large and small.