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Understand emerging threats. Stop them in their tracks.

Empower your business by having the most sophisticated threat intelligence team on your side, working for you to track, analyze and develop proactive tactics to respond to continuously evolving cybersecurity incidents.

Our intelligence team becomes yours

Fighting emerging cyber threats requires more than defensive actions. You need a solution that incorporates the ongoing and in-depth work of threat intelligence analysts to identify susceptibilities and neutralize threats before they penetrate systems.

Proactive strategies

Create context and correlations

Data-driven decision making

Our threat intelligence analysts sift through hundreds of data streams and alerts to develop a deep understanding of threat behaviors and TTPs which are then translated into proactive plans and SIEM rules to mitigate potential attacks.

By enriching and contextualizing alerts with real-world research, analysts can reveal a threat actor’s motivations and methods, providing actionable guidance for incident response and preventing future attacks.

Make faster, knowledge-backed security decisions with confidence, knowing that they are supported by in-depth analysis and a SOC solution that has already addressed them.

Unrivaled threat intelligence capabilities

Our extensive solution does it all – processing stored information, embedding comprehensive IOCs and threats, and aggregating and cross-correlating threat intelligence data. This gives our CTI experts the know-how to identify intrusions and provide the right patches as vulnerabilities evolve.

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