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SIEM optimization and tuning

CYREBRO constantly optimizes its SIEM technology based on emerging threats and evolving attacker behaviors, providing continuous, always up-to-date value.

Dynamic environments need a powerful SIEM

SIEM technology is a critical component of any robust cybersecurity operation, but it requires proper implementation and continuous maintenance to maximize effectiveness. CYREBRO takes the work off your hands by managing the entire SIEM optimization and tuning process, keeping it up-to-date.

Research-driven SIEM optimization

Security without device alert fatigue

High-performing optimized SIEM without the heavy-lifting

CYREBRO couples ongoing research with external data sources and threat hunting intelligence findings to inform new detection logics and populate the SIEM with rules that are always relevant.

Strike the perfect balance – CYREBRO ensures your network has the right coverage, but you aren’t overwhelmed by countless irrelevant alerts. The platform provides real-time visibility into alerts that carry actual risk so you can make smart business decisions quickly.

CYREBRO builds custom rules based on your organization’s unique activities, processes, and operations, and oversees the maintenance and management so you can focus on what’s important.

Go beyond detection

A SIEM is an effective tool for detecting and analyzing attacks when properly configured and managed. But paired with CYREBRO’s threat hunting and experienced security team, it goes above and beyond to identify potential attack vectors before they are exploited, or identify the early stages of an attack.

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