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Attivo Networks®

Attivo Networks® provides an active defense for early detection, forensics, and automated incident response to in-network attacks.

ThreatDefend® Platform

The Attivo ThreatDefend® Platform delivers unparalleled attack prevention, detection, and adversary intelligence collection based on cyber deception and data concealment technologies for an informed defense. The platform efficiently derails attacker discovery, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and collection activities early in the attack cycle across endpoints, Active Directory, and network devices on-premises, in clouds, and on specialized attack surfaces.

Benefits of the ThreatDefend® solution

Controlled Access Management
-Prevent attackers from stealing credentials, escalating privileges, or finding the sensitive or critical data they seek.

Reduce Attack Detection Time
-Reduce attacker dwell time with accurate post-compromise threat detection. Detect reconnaissance, lateral movement, and credential theft early.

Actionable Alerts Improve Incident Response
-High-fidelity alerts accelerate incident response with rich threat intelligence and forensic reporting, reducing overall time to remediation.

Identify & Understand Attacker Methods & Intent
-Engage attackers within a safe sandboxed environment to gain threat intelligence and for forensic reporting. Learn which systems are infected and detect polymorphic activity.

Integrations Accelerate Incident Response
-Expedite and simplify Incident response is with 3rd party integrations that share threat intelligence and automate blocking, quarantining, and threat hunting.

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