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Attivo Networks®

Attivo Networks® provides an active defense for early detection, forensics, and automated incident response to in-network attacks.

Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite

Enhance Defensive Strategies to Quickly Detect and Deny Lateral Movement

The Attivo Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) product complements existing endpoint security solutions by detecting an attacker early in the attack cycle, preventing them from stealing credentials and establishing a foothold. The EDN product tackles endpoint security challenges head-on by making every endpoint a decoy, designed to disrupt an attacker’s ability to break out and further infiltrate the network.

Endpoint Detection Net Portfolio

Attivo 丨Endpoint Detecation Net (EDN) 丨Datacloak


Hide & deny access to local files, folders, storage, & network/ cloud shares

Attivo 丨Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) 丨Threatstrike


Hide, bind & cloak credentials to deny unauthorized access & collect intel

Attivo 丨Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) 丨AD Security


Alert on unauthorized AD queries and return false information to attackers

Attivo 丨Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) 丨Cyber Attack Deflection


Detect and disrupt attacker lateral movement and host discovery activity

Attivo丨 Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) 丨ThreatPath Exposure


Identify exposed credentials and remove at risk attack paths